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Digital Resources

Resource Type
Medline Plus: Trusted Health Information for You


The National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health team together to provide access to quality information.

Metropolitan Museum of Art's "The MET" logo

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Five decades of Met Publications on art history to read, download & search for free.

Gale eBooks logo

Middle Ages Reference Library

Covering the people and events of the middle ages, this resource is helpful to the casual reader and student.

Gale eBooks logo

Middle East Conflict

This encyclopedia covers conflict in the Middle East from the crusades to 2012.

Gale eBooks logo

Mythology and Culture Worldwide: American Mythology

Heroes real and imagined, hauntings, lost cities and more in this exploration of legends in the United States.

Gale eBooks logo

Mythology and Culture Worldwide: Aztec Mythology

Examines the ancient civilizations and peoples of Aztec mythology, to explore and study their religious beliefs and myths.

Gale eBooks logo

Mythology and Culture Worldwide: Chinese Mythology

Looks at the gods and goddesses of Chinese mythology and explains their significance.

Gale eBooks logo

Mythology and Culture Worldwide: Egyptian Mythology

Images from Egyptian mythology are seen today on everyday articles, but what are the stories behind them.

Access Newspaper Archive logo

Newspaper Archives

Search back issues of the Charleston, Beckley, Bluefield, Fayetteville, Morgantown and Weirton digital microfilm. Available dates vary.

KCPL horizontal logo

Nonprofits in Our Collection

Explore books owned by the library about running a nonprofit.

NoveList Plus logo

NoveList Plus

Find a new book like one you previously enjoyed, get a discussion guide for your book club and much more.

NoveList Plus logo

NoveList Plus K-8

Find a book to read for fun or a book you’ll like reading for your assignment.

Bureau of Labor Statistics logo

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Check the trends in growing careers. Explore career information to make decisions or write a paper.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints logo

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Hotly debated topics are covered with magazines, journals, book chapters. One stop for students looking at a pro/con paper.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Companion to the Bible

Essays on the people, places, events and influences of the Bible.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Companion to World Exploration

From pole to pole and around the circumference, Oxford covers the explorers and journeys. 

Oxford Reference

Oxford Companion to World Mythology

From Mesopotamia to the Americas, this dictionary looks at the myths, heroes and heroines, legends and lore.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations

Bypass the inaccuracy of quotes on the web. Find out which American said it and where.