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Service Updates

  • Glasgow Branch Library is closed until further notice due to building maintenance.
  • Mobile Library services are discontinued; click here for details.

Governing Boards

Room with long tables lined with many chairs

KCPL Board of Directors

The Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors approves and generates administrative and fiscal policies and approves program direction within the constraints imposed by legal and funding requirements. The Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the Library and uses the information and recommendations from all internal and external sources to see that the Library provides a full range of services while remaining within its financial and operational capabilities.

The board is made up of 18 members representing various areas of the County as well as the City of Charleston. The members of the Board are appointed by the Kanawha County Board of Education, which takes into consideration recommendations from the Library. The Board usually meets the second Monday of each month.

Interaction and/or communication between the Board and staff members is provided through the Library Director. The Director serves as Secretary/Treasurer.

Erika Connelly, Library Director

Kanawha County Public Library
Attn: Erika Connelly, Library Director
123 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Current Members

President: Monika Jaensson
First Vice President: Benjamin Thomas
Second Vice President: Betty King
Library Director & Secretary-Treasurer: Erika Connelly

Mickey Blackwell
Chistopher Erlewine
Angela Gould
Stephanie Haden
Thomas Hurney

John Jarrett
Keven J. Johnson
Jennifer Pauer
Angelia Russell

Susan Shumate
Anne Silbernagel
Kenneth Sullivan
Don Wilson
James Withrow


Branch Advisory & Governing Boards

President: Midge Forwood
Vice President: Rick Owens
Secretery-Treasurer: Tina Hall

Angie Freyberg
  Anita Edmonds
  Betty Jones
  Betty Sue Harper
  Butch Cottrell
  Linda Bell
  Sue Shafer
  Tammy Smith

President: William Peckol
Vice President: Monica Burdette
Secretary: Pat Skeen
Treasurer: Chris Connell
Financial Secretary: Paul Gebhard

  Jane Lowen
  Brenda Witt

President: Louann Petts

  Cynthia Dye
  Carolyn O’Brien
  Sierra Sovine
  Francine Wiley

President: Elizabeth Belcher
Vice President: Cynthia Jo Tawney
Secretary: Tina Stodola
Treasurer: Marty Kibler
Teen Member: Rebecca Stodola

  David Aleshire
  Mickey Blackwell
  Trudy Bonnett-Fragale
  Nina Darnell
  Dorothea Fuqua
  Bob Hiser
  Sandra Martin
  Joshua W. McClung

President: Joan Milton-Shaffer
Vice President: Barbara Jones
Secretary: Carolyn Reed
Treasurer: Diane Slaughter

  Jane Davies
  Danny Decker
  Kassie Decker
  Cathy Hammack
  JoAnne Jones
  Patty Null
  Louise St. Clair
  Sally Shepherd

Board Chair: Dale Withrow
Vice Chair & Facility Chair: Tom Cloer
Recording Secretary: Naydeen Wolf
Treasurer & Teen Chair: Vicki Tawney 
Membership Chair: Cay Hoh
Program Chair: Becky Goodwin
Garden Chair: Willie Washington
Book Sale Chair: Henry Bono
Publicity Chair: Mary Treen
Friends Chair: Debbie Duvall

  Sarah Carper
  Sandy Foster
  Andy Spradling

President: Robert Fields
Secretary: Ruth Brother
Treasurer: Gertrude Legg

  Sharon Dye
  Karen Humphrey