Service Updates

  • Mobile Library is unavailable due to mechanical issues; staff will report to usual stops for pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Riverside Public Library is closed until Oct. due to renovations at the Riverside High School facility.
  • Glasgow Branch Library is closed until further notice due to building maintenance.
  • West Virginia Book Festival is virtual for 2021, and in-person events are canceled. Visit for more info.

Library Foundation

Library Foundation Logo

Library Foundation

The Library Foundation of Kanawha County, Inc. is a separate non-profit organization, which exists to provide supplemental financial support for the Kanawha County Public Library system. The Foundation has a separate board of directors, which meets six times a year. The Library Director and the Marketing and Development Manager are the staff personnel responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s operations. The Foundation sponsors various events and campaigns throughout the year, to raise money and awareness for KCPL.

The Mission of The Library Foundation is to support the vision and mission of the Kanawha County Public Library system by: providing vehicles for library supporters’ charitable giving; providing supplemental financial resources to KCPL; serving as an advocate for libraries; creating a county-wide volunteer support system for KCPL; and raising public awareness regarding both the value of and the needs of public libraries.

Current Members

President: Tom Heywood
First Vice President: Bryan Cokeley
Second Vice President: Jeri Matheney

Ex-Officio Officers*
  Secretary-Treasurer: Erika Connelly
  KCPL Board President: Monika Jaensson

  Mary Kay Bond
  Dr. Steven Jubelirer
  Michelle Marlowe
  William Porth
  Michelle Storage
  Mary Catherine Tuckwiller
  Steve Wehrle

*Library Director serves as Ex-Officio Officer and Secretary/Treasurer.
 KCPL Board of Directors President serves as Ex-Officio Officer.