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Patrons making their own cricut totes

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is a library card in good standing, a sign IDEA Lab agreement form, a little bit of training and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

Training is required for the 3D printers, Cricut, Glowforge laser cutter, Wazer water cutter, sewing & embroidery machines, and the vocal booths.

Online training is available through Niche Academy -- just bring in your certificate! Programs will also double as training for anyone who wants to experience hands-on learning.

3D Printer Filament
  • $0.20 per 10g
3D Pen Filament
  • $2.00 per hour of use
Sewing & Embroidery
  • $5.00 Starter Kit
  • Bring your own fabric
  • Thread provided at no charge
  • $5.00 Starter Kit
  • Bring your own materials
  • Smart Vinyl: $2.00 per foot
  • Smart Iron-On: $5.00 per foot
  • Cardstock: $0.20 per piece
  • $0.20 per DVD
Button Maker
  • $0.20 per button


Reservations can be made here.

You must have a library card in good standing, a signed agreement form, and equipment training (when necessary).

Reservations can be made in four hour increments or on a first-come-first-served basis. There is a fifteen minute grace period for reservations; after fifteen minutes, your reservation will be canceled.

Library programs and events take priority. As such, reservations will not be allowed during those times.

We have five 3D printers available in the IDEA Lab.  

The Creality printers are very beginner friendly with a larger print bed. 

The Flashforge is also very beginner friendly and features a touch screen that shows you an image of what is being printed. It is also an enclosed printer, meaning it is great for children.  

The Flsun is a taller printer, making it great for prints such as vases or busts.  

The Mooz 2 is best for small prints, while the Mooz 3 is great because it allows you to use up to 3 colors of filament at a time – perfect for color switching or a gradient effect. 

We want children to have fun exploring new technology and learning new skills in a way that is safe for everyone. Our zSpace augmented reality computers, 3Doodler pens, animation software, coding kits and button makers are a great hands-on introduction for young learners!

Children 12 and under must have a guardian with them in the IDEA Lab at all times.

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