Tool Lending Library Policy


Only patrons 18 years of age or older are eligible to borrow tools/equipment from the Kanawha County Public Library (KCPL) Tool Lending Library at the Charleston Library.


Patrons must have or register for a KCPL card prior to borrowing from the KCPL Tool Lending Library.

Borrowing Rules

  • Prior to borrowing, ALL patrons must have a valid KCPL card, must read the Tool Lending Library Policy, must sign the Tool Lending Agreement and Waiver and Indemnification Form, and have their West Virginia state or federal ID verified by staff each time they checkout items from the Tool Lending Library.
  • All tools and equipment lent by Tool Lending Library are the property of KCPL. Only the card holder is authorized to use the tools. The borrower shall not permit the use of said tools by any other person.
  • The Borrower agrees that KCPL is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed tools.
  • The Borrower agrees that if any borrowed tool becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the borrower will immediately discontinue use of the tool and return it to KCPL labelled, tagged, and marked as “Unsafe.”
  • Before borrowing any tool/equipment, the Borrower shall sign a TOOL LENDING AGREEMENT AND WAIVER AND INDEMNIFICATION form provided by KCPL. The Borrower’s library card account will have a notation that the Agreement has been filed. The Borrower acknowledges that he or she is capable of operating/using the tool in a safe and proper manner.
  • No more than 7 items may be checked out at from the Tool Lending Library at any one time (limit of 2 power tools and 5 hand tools). Items must be checked out 30 minutes before closing.
  • The Borrower is responsible for purchasing all consumables, such as sandpaper, nails, etc.
  • Tools and equipment should be returned clean, organized, and any cords coiled.
  • All tools and equipment must be returned to the Charleston Library only during open hours. Please do not place tools in the book drop or leave tools outside the Library when it is closed. A $5.00 fee may be levied on Borrowers who do not abide with this policy.
  • The loan period for tools and equipment are 14 days. The Borrower agrees to return any borrowed materials on or before the due date in the same condition as when it was borrowed. KCPL reserves the right to limit the number of tools and equipment borrowed and to alter the maximum loan period.
  • Tools and equipment may not be renewed.
  • Tools and equipment may be requested while in the Charleston Library or placed on hold through the KCPL online catalog. Requests are handled in the order they were received but will only be available for pickup in Charleston. Tools and equipment will not be reserved for a future date. Seasonal demands may affect hold policies. KCPL reserves the right to alter any policy. Items may not be picked up from the drive-up window.
  • Tools and equipment not returned by the due date will be assessed a fee of $1.00 per day with a maximum fee of $20.00. There is no grace period on tools and equipment. If materials are not returned 20 days after the due date, the Borrower will be billed for the item. If not returned within 45 days after the due date, appropriate steps will be taken to retrieve the tools and equipment, including by collection agency and/or legal action.
  • Borrowers are responsible for paying for lost/stolen/broken or damaged tools/equipment. Reasonable wear and tear are expected. You may be billed up to three days after the return of the item which allows staff time to determine borrower responsibility.
  • The Tool Lending Library retains the right to refuse the loan of any item for failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulation, or for falsification of any information.