Federal Depository Library Program

Federal Depository Library Program

In 1953 the Kanawha County Public Library decided to join other libraries in sharing federal documents with the public.  From NASA to the Surgeon General Reports to the Code of Federal Regulations and so much more, KCPL has tried to pick the best in government material for our patrons to use. 

What used to be in paper is now online.  Staff selects online documents and they are added to the collection for people to access anywhere.

This search https://bit.ly/3HcHel0 shows all the online federal documents you have access too, but you can also search by subject and limit by Material Type>Government Document using the tools on the left hand side of your search results.

Documents on a variety of topics is available, including:

  • Census information from 1950 on, including business, employment, and housing patterns
  • Health and wellbeing information, including vaccines, lead poisoning, smoking cessation, parenting, child development, disaster preparedness, and getting ready for college
  • Maps
  • Historical information, including civil rights, aviation, and military
  • Astronomical data
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