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Alternative Energy

Introduces students to issues surrounding current energy sources and alternative energy options.

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Alternative, Country, Hip-Hop, Rap and More

From the launch of MTV on, the 1980s brought on changes in music that we still hear today.

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American Civil War Reference Library

Covering the Civil War in 5 volumes, this is a great starting point for research on the events and people in the war.


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American Decades 1900-1999

The 20th century’s history, popular culture, economics and so much more.

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American Decades 2000-2009

The first decade of this century’s history, popular culture, economics and so much more.

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American Eras Pre-1600 to 1899

Examines American history up to the 20th century covering history, popular culture, economics and so much more.

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American Immigration

Covers American immigration from both historical and contemporary perspectives, tracing the scope and sweep of U.S. immigration from the earliest settlement to the present day.

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Ancient Civilizations Reference Library

Explore ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, India, China, Central America and other regions.


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Ancient Greece and Rome

Explore the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome.

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Birth of Rock & Roll

The 1950s music shook things up and created a teen culture. R&B, rockabilly, doo wop, it is all there.

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Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Why do we use the phrases we use? Just what is a creature comfort? Why do we grind to a halt?

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Career Information Center

This resource is useful for student career papers and adults exploring careers.

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Celtic Mythology

This resource highlights how Celtic people are more than only Ireland. They are ranged across Europe, and their mythology is more than modern ideas about druids.

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Checks and Balances

Explore the inner workings of the federal government and how the executive, legislative and judicial branches have changed over time.

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Chemical Elements 2nd

Great for papers on elements – discusses the discovery, science and uses of each element.



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College Blue Book

Track down a college in your degree field, find key information on various institutions and scholarship opportunities.

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College Foundation of West Virginia

WV’s site for the college bound focuses on a three prong strategy -prepare, plan and pay for your education.