Hold Locker Pickup Now Available at the Main-Charleston Location

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A hold locker is a self-service system that allows you to automatically have items that you have placed on hold be checked out to you when you pick them up.  You will find the hold lockers on the 1st floor of the Charleston Library across from the Jacobson Tower.

Here’s how to use a Hold Locker:

  1. Place a title on hold and choose Charleston – Hold Lockers as your pickup.
  2. Wait until you receive a hold notice stating that the hold is available for you. You will have 10 days to pickup your item before it is returned to the shelf.
  3. To pick up your hold, go to the Hold Lockers and follow the onscreen instructions.  You will need your library card number and PIN.
  4. When you login, the locker will open and check out the materials automatically. Depending on how many holds you have available, you may have more than one hold locker.
  5. Take ALL of the items from the hold locker, close the door, determine if you want a receipt, and you are ready to go.
  6. When you return the materials, just place in the return bins or give to a staff member. Please do not put returns in the hold lockers.


  • What if I only want some of the items in the locker? Can I choose the ones I want?
    • No. When you open the hold locker, the items will be checked out to you automatically. If you no longer need an item, please return it to the service desk. 
    • If you have multiple lockers, you can choose NOT to open a particular locker and nothing from that specific locker will be checked out to you.
  • How can I access my items if I cannot reach very high or low places?
    • We can help with that. When you receive your hold notice, call the Charleston Main Library and we can make the accommodation OR you can just choose the Charleston Main Library, and the holds will be held the regular way and staff can get them for you when you visit.
  • What if I enter my card number but am unable to get to my holds?
    • Several reasons may cause this. Your account privileges may have expired, you may owe bills in the amount greater than $5.00, or you may exceed your lending privileges based on item type.
  • If I do not have my card or cannot remember the number or PIN, what do I do?
    • If you downloaded the KCPL App, you can scan the barcode on file in the App.
    • If you do not have the App, you can ask for help at the service desk.

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